Volunteers – A Photography Exhibition

The centrepiece of Bristol Homeless Action Week 2019 is a photography exhibition from Bristol documentary photography Ken Abbott, about the volunteers in Bristol’s homelessness community. The exhibition will be on display at The Kitchen Café in Silver Street from May 13th-19th. But we need your help! By watching the video, clicking on the link below and sharing using the hashtag #BHAW19, you can help make a change in Bristol.


What is the Volunteers photography exhibition?

The exhibition is the result of a project I have been working on with various homelessness charities in Bristol.  The focus of the project has been the volunteers who give their time to help the homelessness community in the city.

Why did you begin the project?

Each year the Bristol Homeless Forum, which represents homelessness charities in the city, organises a week of events called Bristol Homeless Action week.  This year the focus will be on volunteers and the forum was looking for a central event to build the week around.  

So why a photography exhibition?

Simply because a picture is worth a thousand words!  

What is the aim of the exhibition?

The main aim of the exhibition, and Bristol Homeless Action week, is to raise awareness about the many different and diverse ways that people can offer their help.  Many people would like to help but often they don’t know how.  

By photographing volunteers ‘doing what they do’, the exhibition will perfectly illustrate the opportunities there are for volunteering with homelessness charities and very significantly raise awareness.

Why do you need funding?

Many of the charities which help the homeless community in Bristol are small and survive on a shoestring and whilst the exhibition is absolutely key to promoting the week it seemed counterproductive to use their funds to stage it.  Therefore, the obvious solution was a crowdfunding campaign.

The £1000 will pay for all exhibition costs plus marketing materials.  However, it is hoped that the target will be exceeded so that the extra money raised can be given to the charities I have worked with during the project.

When and where is the exhibition?

The exhibition will run from Tuesday May 14th until Saturday May 18th with the launch event on the evening of Monday May 13th.

It will be held at the Old Fire Station, Silver Street, Bristol.

In what ways can I help?

Firstly, it would be fantastic if you could make a contribution to the campaign.  Any amount big or small will be very gratefully received.  Details of how to make a contribution, along with rewards for doing so, can be found on this page.

Secondly, if you would like to find out more information about volunteering, or other ways you can help, come to the exhibition! Many of the charities that help the homeless community in Bristol will present during the week and available for a chat.